About the residence

“Svajonių Kranto Gyvenvietė” (Dream Shore Residence) is a cozy and beautiful place near big lake for you and your family to

houses and plots for sale in Klaipėda


Residence is located on a side of Klaipėda city. “Svajonių Kranto Gyvenvietė” offers perfect location for people who need fast access to any part of Klaipeda and for those who requires peaceful place to spend their day. People who lives here enjoy public transport that can take to you to any part of Klaipėda in the matter of minutes. Public transport comes to “Svajonių Kranto Gyvenvietė” every  10 -15min. daily.

Our residents share they gratitude because of the fast connection to most important location in Klaipėda city:

- To old town – 5km (6min. by car);

- To closest kindergarten – 1,5km (2min. by car);

- To supermarket – 3km (3min by car);

- To the sea by bike – 7km (there is a bike route that starts near residence and goes directly to the sea shore and it                 takes about 25min. to get there);

- To hospital – 3km (3min. by car);

- To Palanga city – 18km.

“Svajonių Kranto Gyvenvietė” is fast growing community with asphalt roads, street lights, gas heating, basketball and tennis courts. Come and we will help you to build comfortable, nice and energy saving house.

Come and see yourself!